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The Mansa Medica Polyclinic developed from the pediatric surgery of dr Petar Matijević, founded in 1994.


Petar Matijević graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade in 1982, and specialized in pediatrics in 1989 at the Institute for Mother and Child in Belgrade, with an excellent grade and praise "summacumlaude". He worked as a pediatrician in DZ Tivat until 1994, i.e. until the founding of his own pediatric practice Mansa Medica.


Mansa Medica Polyclinic consists of a pediatric, internal medicine and dental office. Within the polyclinic there is also a pharmacy "Help".


Permanent members of the medical team of the Mansa Medica Polyclinic are:


Dr Petar Matijević - pediatrics specialist

Dr Jovan Raičević – pediatrics specialist

Dr Radmila Starčević – internal medicine specialist

Dr Ina Frlan – dentist, pediatrician


Mansa Medica - Dr Petar Matijevic