Our consultants

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The Mansa Medica polyclinic has a staff of consultants from various fields of medicine. They are: 


  • cardiology  - examinations are performed by internist cardiologist dr Draško Rašković
  • pediatric cardiology  - examinations are performed by pediatric cardiologist dr Draško Nikčević
  • pulmonology  - examinations performed by pneumophisiology specialist dr Vjera Usanović
  • otorhinolaryngology  - is prescribed by ENT specialist dr Ognjen Jovićević
  • dermatology  - examinations performed by dermatologist dr Predrag Štilet
  • orthopedics  - examinations performed by orthopedist dr dr Dino Pagnacco
  • neurology  - examinations performed by dr Radmila Ognjenović
  • allergology  - examinations performed by allergologist dr Lidija Poček
  • pediatric physiatry  - prescribed by physiatrist dr Sonja Kosać
  • dentistry for children and adults  - examinations are performed by dentist dr Ina Frlan


Specialist examinations with our consultants can be scheduled at the following telephone numbers: +38232674397, +38268086152 .