Anti Age

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The anti-aging program is a chrono diet program. Our goal is for every person to gain basic knowledge about the functions of their organism, since that is the basis for maintaining health.
The chrono diet program allows you to learn all the principles of a healthy diet and the right food choices, as well as good combinations of all foods, without much effort, in a short time. It is especially important , being that all the rules can be applied within the family and children can be properly directed very early on towards the goal of having a long and healthy life.

The program does not include calories counting, groceries measuring and determining the amount of food, there are no menus or recipes. On the contrary, the philosophy of the program is for every person to gain knowledge which will serve as a base for his own initiative, imagination and coping in everyday life situations. .

Within our diagnostic center, we perform all the necessary diagnostic procedures. Analysis of body composition, on IN BODY 520 ANALYZER, i.e. precise insight into what our body uses or doesn't use for the purpose of creating life energy, determining basal metabolism, ultrasound examination of the abdomen (liver and pancreas and key digestive organs), examination of the thyroid and adrenal glands (important for metabolism) and screening of large blood vessels (aorta and carotid arteries), in order to diagnose arteriosclerosis. Laboratory blood tests are also mandatory (KKS, sugar, triglycerides, cholesterol - tests can be up to 6 months old).

Then, during several months of consultative reviews and controls, we monitor the achieved results.

Each new experience in practice over the past years has allowed us to create the highest quality program with absolute success because this program fully suits our average person and that is why we registered it in this form. This form of program is the product of Dr. Anne Gifing's personal work with over 7,000 patients with various health problems.

Under the license of Dr. Ana Gifing, now in Tivat at the Mansa Medica Polyclinic, Dr. Radmila Starčević will make this review and program available to you.

Scheduling an examination from the anti-aging program can be done by calling the phone numbers: +38269570009, +38268521031.