Our team

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In the Mansa Medica polyclinic, specialist examinations in the field of pediatrics and internal medicine are performed every day:


  • pediatric examinations include systematic examinations of healthy infants and children with monitoring of growth and development, examinations of sick children, home care for children (if necessary, for adults too); examinations are performed by our pediatricians dr Petar Matijevic and dr Jovan Raicevic
  • Examinations in the field of internal medicine include a standard internal examination with ECG and ultrasound diagnostics; examinations are performed by our internist dr Radmila Starcevic, who also performs examinations from the anti-aging program


To schedule pediatric examinations, call: +38232674397 and +38268086152
To schedule internal and anti age programs, call: +38269570009 and +38268521031